When can I retire?

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When can I retire? (Retirement Planning)

When can I retire?Retiring in comfort, with the ability to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, is your plan for the future.

These are the first steps we recommend in planning for retirement:

1. Determine the profile of your current standard of living, and identify the lifestyle changes you can expect upon retirement

2. Determine the minimum time period you want your retirement income to last

3. Calculate your estimated available sources of income during retirement (social security, pensions, etc.)

4. Review your investments to determine if additional income will be necessary to make up for any post-employment short-fall

Your Vermillion Financial Advisor can provide retirement planning assistance in many ways, such as evaluating your most beneficial retirement date, calculating the necessary income required, and projecting how long your assets can last.

Your Advisor will also carefully consider other factors that can affect retirement such as your health, insurance costs, and expected withdrawal rate from your investment portfolio. Together, you and your Vermillion Advisor can project a confident picture of your future in retirement.


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