Our Advisors are Certified Financial Planners®

Certified Financial Planner®

Vermillion Advisors are CFP®

Our Advisors are Certified Financial Planners®While anyone can call himself a financial advisor, few are called “board certified” and can use the CFP® Board’s designation of Certified Financial Planners® (CFP®). Certification means that your advisor has met the highest standards mandated by the CFP board for education, examinations, experience, and ethics. It also means that your advisor has made a commitment to meet the continued education requirements necessary to maintain the CFP® designation.

Less than 70,175 of practicing financial advisors in the industry can claim this distinction, and we are proud to be part of an elite, nationally recognized, small percentage of all financial advisors who are Certified Financial Planners®. With this certification comes extensive training in the seven principles of financial planning: investment portfolio design and management, retirement income and expense forecasting and planning, estate plan design and estate tax reduction strategies, insurance policy evaluation and risk management, income tax reduction planning and forecasting, major purchase/event planning, and finally, cash flow evaluation and expense management. This means a Vermillion Financial Advisor can provide an all-inclusive approach to planning your financial future.