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Investment Services OverviewInvestment services are a major component of your overall finances.

Vermillion Financial Advisors is a fee-for-service advisory firm. The fees we charged are our sole source of compensation. We do not receive commissions on your investment transactions, accept soft dollars, or any other type of compensation. Being a fee for service advisory firm means we have removed any conflicts of interest. Investment recommendations are based helping you achieve your investment goals.

For example,
You may only want a Vermillion Financial Advisor to analyze your portfolio to verify the probability of your assets achieving the appropriate rate of return to find your long term financial goals. Or, you may want your Vermillion Investment Advisor, and Certified Financial Planner®, to create a custom investment portfolio for you and/or provide on-going monitoring. Regardless of what investment services you decide, the decision is yours to make.

Vermillion Investment Services

  • Comprehensive review of your entire portfolio (To determine your annual investment cost, annual income, tax liability, projected rate of return, level of risk, etc.)
  • Independent research on a desired investment,
  • Education on various investment vehicles you may be considering,
  • Researching the tax implications of a liquidation,
  • On-going monitoring of your investment portfolio.

Your Advisor will work with you to choose a service plan that provides the greatest value for you. Based upon the total size and complexity of your portfolio, you choose which of these three options is appropriate for you.

Vermillion Investment Portfolio Options

Foundation Program

The Starter plan is an entry level service for investing. It allows the novice investor to begin investing with one of our advisors. The service provides an initial investment consultation including selection of the appropriate type of account, specific mutual fund and the establishment of monthly investment plan and initial investment portfolio goal setting.

Target Investment Portfolio (TIP)

TIPs are pre-designed model portfolios intended to meet a target return and level of risk when compared to the S&P 500. TIPs are most appropriate for clients whose circumstances do not warrant a customized portfolio due to its size, complexity, or of lack of potential benefits to the client.

Custom Portfolio

A custom portfolio is a personalized portfolio designed to meet personal return target, risk tolerance, and long-term goals. The custom portfolio is for clients who do not desire a “one size fits all” solution or model portfolio. These make most sense for clients whose circumstances warrant the individual design due to increased size, complexity, or need.

Ultimately, you retain freedom of choice with all of the decisions when working with Vermillion Advisors. You can choose how often you would like your Advisor to review, monitor, and meet with you. Vermillion Advisors are here to help you achieve your desired investment goals.



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