Internship Program

Vermillion Financial Advisors
Internship Program

Take a step inside the world of a financial planning and asset management firm


Who is Vermillion Financial Advisors?

Vermillion Financial Advisors (VFA) is a Registered Investment Advisor located in South Barrington, IL. Since 1988, Vermillion Financial Advisors has been committed to providing both personal and business financial planning services for people who sincerely desire to improve their finances. We pride ourselves on providing trusted financial planning and investment services and consultation to high net worth individuals through objective analytical research and consistent investment processes, which we continuously improve and expand.


Enhance your knowledge of financial planning outside of the classroom

Managing Projects Related to the Seven Disciplines of Personal Finance

Comprehensive Financial Planning into seven disciplines:

  1. Investment Advisory
  2. Retirement Planning
  3. Estate Planning
  4. Insurance Planning
  5. Tax Planning
  6. Major Purchase/Event Planning
  7. Cash Flow Planning

Interacting one-on-one with our staff including the financial advisory team

  • Plug into the experiences of and get advice from all of our staff members.

Creating presentations for clients, business associates, and prospects

  • Improve your marketing skills
  • Take a deep dive into a topic by collecting and developing your information into a presentation.

Gain real life meaningful experiences in the financial planning industry

Joining in on client-advisor meetings

  • Experience each of our advisors techniques and approaches toward presenting financial topics to real clients – this will help you start to develop your own base of knowledge.
  • Witness the collection, analysis, development, and review the steps of the financial planning process in action.

Having the opportunity to attend networking events

  • Strengthen your communication skills and ability to market yourself.
  • Gain valuable insight and advice from professionals in diverse industries.

Observing internal weekly advisor meetings

  • Examine how advisors are able to benefit from each other’s experiences and knowledge.

Attending vendor meetings

  • Learn about industry related financial products and services from sales representatives presenting different vendors.


Understand the inner workings of a financial planning firm

Learning proven processes used to serve our clients with the highest quality

  • Learn how to maximize efficiency and minimize mistakes

Evaluating client tax returns

  • Improve analytical skills while imputing, comparing, and contrasting tax returns.
  • Gain exposure to real life tax situations

Assiting our financial technicians in investment related tasks

  • Experience real client portfolio asset allocation and portfolio re-balancing
  • See the implementation of advisor recommendations to get a better understanding of the portfolio management process

Internship Details:

Is it a paid internship?

Yes! Our interns are paid by the hour.

Is this internship full-time?

Yes, our interns work a standard 40 hour work week. Interns work 8:30am – 5:00pm cst with a 30 minute lunch break.

How long is the internship?

Our summer program lasts 10 to 13 weeks depending on when your school year ends and begins.

Can I get academic credit for this internship?

Yes! If you are a financial major and at least a junior, you are eligible to take FIL 398. This is an online, three credit hour, financial elective course. For more information, please talk with your academic advisor.

What is the VFA interview process?

VFA uses a four step process to trim down and select from the nbumber of applicants who have indicated interest in being selected for our summer internship program.

  • Resume review and selection
  • Initial interview
  • Follow-up interview
  • Office visit

What are the common tasks assigned to an intern?

Interns will be exposed to a number of responsibilities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Record client/advisor meeting notes and necessary follow-ups.
  • Research projects.
  • Design presentations.
  • Data gathering.
  • Re-balance client portfolios.