Here’s a great gift-giving idea for 2017!

Here’s a great gift-giving idea for 2017

a gift that keeps on giving

gift-givingMany of us resolve to get in better shape when a new year begins, and sometimes this means better financial shape as well. Given this good intention and the current economic climate, you may want to consider a totally different kind of present for family and loved ones; now and at any time of the year.
Consider giving the gift of financial planning – the opportunity to build financial awareness with a trained expert.

Financial planning is an investment, and it costs money, but financial peace of mind is a unique and extraordinary gift well worth the expense. Here is a chance to get a handle on current problems with spending, debt reduction, and investing; and a long-term opportunity to diffuse the fear of financial issues by learning everything possible about them.

It doesn’t matter if the recipient is a single working individual or a family with kids still at home – the right financial planner can be a long-term partner in re-educating everyone in a household about money and the right ways to handle it. Here is an all-occasion present that can set them on a good course for life.

If you’d like to arrange the gift of financial planning for someone special, call your Vermillion Financial Advisor for details and suggestions.

This may be the perfect long-lasting gift for anyone you truly care about!

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