2018 Financial Planning & Investment Topic
Scholarship Challenge

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Deadline to Apply October 5, 2018

About The Competition

The competition consists of creating an in-depth presentation from a pre-selected list of financial planning or investment advisory topics. Students will be asked to work individually or in a group (up to a maximum of three participants). This presentation will consist of a research paper and a PowerPoint presentation. After all submissions have been received, they will be evaluated by representatives of VFA and ISU. Three finalists will be chosen and asked to make their final presentations live at the State Farm Hall of Business to a panel of judges.



• 1st
• 2nd
• 3rd

*There is a submission bonus available to those who are qualified applicants (more details)


• September 18th: Kick off @ Meet the firms
• October 5th: Initial Application Due (more details)
• October 19th: PowerPoint submissions due (more details)
• October 26th: Notification of Finalists
• November 9th: Final Presentation @ ISU/Luncheon (more details)

About your Sponsor

Vermillion Financial Advisors (VFA) is a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in South Barrington, IL. Since 1988, VFA has been committed to providing both personal and business financial planning services for people who sincerely desire to improve their finances. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services to high net worth individuals through objective analytical research and carefully thought out investment processes.



• Full-time student @ ISU
• All participants must be either a Junior or a Senior
• At least one member must be declared as a:
Finance major, OR
A student enrolled in the Financial Planning minor.



Visit the Presentation Resources page to view the list of available topics, learn more about the Rubric for Assessment, and to gather information on how to prepare your PowerPoint presentation, as well as some sources for your content.

Additional Details

    Initial Application (Due October 5th)

  • This is the last day that you may submit your application for the scholarship; you are allowed to submit this as early as you would like.
  • Candidates are able to participate as a single or in a group of 2-3 people
  • Please designate a team leader for groups with more than 1 person to be the point of contact
  • You will receive an email confirmation that you application has been reviewed.

If you have any questions or concerns please send an email to and we will do our best to reply in a timely manner

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