How often will we meet to review our investments?

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How often will we meet to review our investments?

How often will we meet to review our investments?Typically, we generally meet with our investment clients between one to four times per year depending on the services chosen (and more often if necessary).

It’s important for you to know what is happening with your portfolio, and why we are making the recommendations that we are suggesting. It helps you to be a better informed client, and that makes all the difference in your comfort and commitment to your investment plan.

Meeting regularly allows us to determine if there will be any adjustments required for your cash flow needs, risk tolerance, or your overall investment strategy. For example, it’s always helpful if we know in advance about any large one-time expenses, any upcoming changes to your employment, concerns you may have with the market, or hundreds of other issues that can come up in conversation, and make plans accordingly.

We take advantage of our regular meetings to go over your portfolio’s performance during the last three months. It’s a great time to discuss what’s happening with the economy, within the financial markets, what you see in your future, and any specific asset replacement or rebalancing changes we recommend for your portfolio.


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