Stage Four – Seasoned Retirees

Who We Serve

Stage Four – Seasoned Retirees


Common Demographics

Age 70 and above

Income $75,000+

Net Worth $1,000,000 and above

Key Factor:  Balancing personal long-term security with legacy planning

A Seasoned Retiree’s Personal Philosophy:

As a member of this group, you have successfully made it through the retirement transition period following your career years. Having been in retirement for several years and experienced what this new life is like, you have already determined if downsizing the family home or seasonal living in a different climate is desirable. Retirement life is now about the preservation of your current lifestyle and having simpler goals.

As a “Seasoned Retiree” you know life is precious. You value each day and want to maximize your time with family and friends. You have learned that in order to stay in touch with grandchildren today you need to keep up with the current technology and modern ways of communicating. You want to make sure your personal affairs are in order, and that any amount of assets left to others are used wisely. Spending money today is about working on life’s essentials needs, or bucket lists! Long gone are the days of “keeping up with the Joneses”.

Our Viewpoint:

Generally, the financial needs of Seasoned Retirees are simple, but they can feel time consuming; just when you are ready to take things a little easier and enjoy life. Seasoned Retirees may be new clients that have been referred to us for assistance during this particular stage of life; or you may be a long-time client who has progressed with our help through all the previous profile stages. In either case, you still have financial concerns and goals that require attention, and we are still here to assist you.

By engaging the professional advisory services of Vermillion Financial Advisors, Seasoned Retirees have an additional level of financial security. For this group in particular, we believe that in conjunction with our financial and investment services, it is also our job to be your advocate. We closely monitor your accounts for irregular activities, helping to ensure that all assets are protected from improper access. We regularly look at your spending needs and can adjust your income distributions whenever inflation and other factors require additional funds to maintain your current standard of living. You have your Vermillion Financial Advisor’s time and attention whenever major purchases or capital expenses are necessary.  We play the key role of sounding board in the serious discussions and timely decisions required by these issues.

Seasoned Retirees’ Common Financial Issues and Concerns:

  • May see increasing challenges in managing your personal finances
  • Need to be safe from financial predators
  • Want to be sure you have the proper investments, and avoid financial mistakes
  • Want to be sure you will receive sufficient income throughout retirement
  • Need to have your portfolio monitored and your cash flow adjusted when necessary
  • Desire to maintain a specific standard of living
  • Want to maintain your independence so as not to be a burden on the family
  • Want proper insurance coverage should there be a need for additional health care
  • Are concerned about preserving your estate for children and grandchildren
  • Wish to have your financial house in order, and not leave a financial mess for loved ones

Vermillion Financial Advisors’ Services Best Utilized:


Financial Inventory

  • Cost: Flat fee subject to a minimum
  • Inventory of all personal financial information into a comprehensive financial snapshot illustrating current exposures and planning opportunities.

Financial Planning

  • Cost: Flat fee subject to a minimum
  • Household Spending and Saving Plan Review and Design
  • Retirement Income Projection, Forecast and Funding Strategies
  • Review Existing Estate Planning Documents
  • Income Tax Projections and Reduction Strategies
  • Personal Spending plans and Evaluations

Investment Planning

  • Cost: Flat fee subject to a minimum
  • Investor Risk Assessment
  • Target Investment Portfolio (TIPs)
  • Portfolio Monitoring