Stage Two – Pre-Retirement Retirees

Who We Serve

Stage Two – Pre-Retirement Retirees

Common Demographics:

Ages 50 to retirement

Income $100,000 +

Net Worth $1,000,000 and above

Key Factor:  Proper Investment Planning

A Pre-Retirement Planners’ Personal Philosophy:

Since turning age 50, you are well aware that retirement is just around the corner, and the time has finally come to begin serious post-employment planning. Your children have either completed college, or are well on their way, and an “empty nest” is quickly becoming a reality. You have accumulated more assets now than at any other time in your adult life.  Your investment portfolio is becoming more sizeable each day, and your net worth is more than you ever expected.

It’s also becoming obvious that financial mistakes at this stage of life can be very costly and should be avoided whenever possible. As a Pre-Retirement Planner, you want to be sure that you are only paying your fair share of taxes, and that you have proper investments, with consideration of your long-term goals and the amount of risk you are willing to take. You have a working knowledge of your personal finances, but desire an independent and comprehensive review by a trusted professional. You want to be sure you are on pace to reach your target retirement date, and have the financial resources needed to last throughout retirement.

Our Viewpoint:

Pre-Retirement Planners are the largest group of clients served by Vermillion Financial Advisors. All our services, systems and processes are designed to help this group plan for and transition into a secure and successful retirement.

This group is best served when we begin with an inventory of all personal finances. This “big-picture” view allows us to see exactly which financial areas have exposures, and in which order they need to be addressed. A financial inventory organizes all your assets, and documents a financial starting point – identifying long-term goals and uncovering financial challenges in the process.

Together we create an action plan sharply focusing on personal long-term goals and objectives, which assists in planning and improving your retirement outlook.

A comprehensive inventory of every area of your personal finances, in addition to our financial planning process of evaluation, analysis, and education, provides the most value to you, in return for our services. Based upon this extensive review, your advisor’s recommendations and financial solutions can then be easily and effectively implemented. After the initial financial planning has been completed, a customized maintenance service plan is available to monitor and update your personal finances for continued progress in all areas.

Pre-Retirement Planners typically create long-term relationships with Vermillion Financial Advisors due to the concern we have for you as a person, and our shared understanding of your long-term goals, values and objectives.

Pre-Retirement Planners’ Common Financial Issues and Concerns:

  • Realize that retirement is getting closer, and it’s time to start some serious planning
  • Want to know how to put together the puzzle pieces of your finances
  • Wonder how much income you will need in retirement
  • Question if you are saving enough and want to know if you will have sufficient resources to last throughout retirement
  • Question if you have the proper mixture of investments for your goals (including employer retirement plans)
  • Want to avoid working beyond your target retirement date
  • Begin to focus on the “quality of life” you desire in retirement
  • Want to know how best to transition into retirement
  • Wish to take advantage of all applicable tax deductions, and pay only your fair share of income and estate taxes
  • Want your family to be provided for should a death or premature disability occur
  • Want to be comfortable with all your insurance coverage in retirement
  • Realize that the potential financial mistakes made at this level can harm your financial future

Vermillion Financial Advisors’ Services Best Utilized:


Financial Inventory

  • Cost: Flat fee subject to a minimum
  • Inventory of all personal financial information into a comprehensive financial snapshot illustrating current exposures and planning opportunities.

Financial Planning

  • Cost: Flat fee subject to a minimum
  • Personal Spending plans and Evaluations
  • Income Tax Projections and Reduction Strategies
  • Insurance Policy and Proper Coverage Evaluation for all Insurance Plans
  • Review Existing Estate Planning Documents
  • Projections and Strategies for the Funding of Higher Education Cost for Children and Grandchildren
  • Portfolio Income Distribution Plans
  • Retirement Income Projection, Forecast and Funding Strategies
  • Investment Portfolio Design and Maintenance Policy Statement
  • Routine Updates

Investment Planning

  • Cost: Percent of portfolio subject to a minimum
  • Investor Risk Assessment
  • Portfolio Performance and Risk Backtesting
  • Investment Holdings Cost Evaluation
  • Custom Portfolio Design
  • Target Investment Portfolio (TIPs)
  • Investment Portfolio Design and Maintenance Policy Statement
  • Portfolio Monitoring