Stage Three – Early Transition Retirees

Who We Serve

Stage Three – Early Transition Retirees

Early Transition

Common Demographics

Retirement to age 70

Income $100,000+

Net Worth $1,000,000 and above

Key Factor:  Balancing early retirement bucket list activities/expenses, with long-term security

An Early Transition Retiree’s Personal Philosophy:

As a member of this group, you want to increase your financial security for the future and strengthen your ability to make informed financial decisions, but the very idea of retiring causes stress. Questions such as: “How long will my money last? Will I have enough? What will my standard of living be?” These are all common concerns which demand answers.

You want the American dream, and your goal is to be independent, active in the lives of family members and good friends, and comfortable throughout your retirement years. You are focused on having a good “quality of life” in retirement. During this first stage of retirement you want to travel and be active. You are fully aware that good health is a gift whose time period is unknown.  You want to experience those things you never had the time or assets to enjoy before.

You hope that your financial plan is solid, and that your resources will last for as long as you need them. You are looking for financial strategies to replace the income earned during your employment years, and you understand that you will need to regularly monitor those assets so that financial surprises are kept at a minimum. You do not care to be your own financial planner, and value having a personal relationship with a trusted professional advisor to whom you can delegate certain responsibilities. You are willing to pay for professional advice and services, which also allows for the freedom to enjoy everything you have worked so hard to achieve.

Our Viewpoint:

Early Transition Retirees are great clients for Vermillion Financial Advisors. You are serious about your investments and value the services needed when it comes to planning for your retirement years. While we can have a greater impact on a client’s financial future whenever members of this group begin working with us prior to retirement, there is still much to be gained with our assistance during retirement transition.

For Early Transition Retirees especially, we believe it is important to have systems and processes in place to constantly update and monitor your on-going financial data and projections, as we fully understand the many factors that can impact post-employment finances. Therefore we schedule all analyses to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis, appropriate for each individual client’s needs, and allowing your advisor the flexibility to easily modify your holdings when necessary. It is only through these analyses that we are able to provide maximum financial security and peace of mind throughout retirement.

Early Transition Retirees’ Common Financial Issues and Concerns:

  • Wonder if you have saved enough to retire
  • Need to rollover your employer retirement plan account
  • Want to select the right pension options for your spouse and yourself
  • Need to know how to correctly withdraw money from your IRA
  • Wonder just how much you can take from your portfolio and still have it last throughout retirement (including bucket list experiences)
  • Need to protect your assets from potential losses
  • Question if you have the correct mixture of investments
  • Want to be sure you have the correct Medicare supplement
  • Need to know about long-term care insurance
  • Want to be sure you have your estate planning documents drafted correctly to meet your objectives in providing for children and grandchildren
  • Want to be sure you have minimized income, property, and estate taxes

Vermillion Financial Advisors’ Services Best Utilized


Financial Inventory

  • Cost: Flat fee subject to a minimum
  • Inventory of all personal financial information into a comprehensive financial snapshot illustrating current exposures and planning opportunities.

Financial Planning

  • Cost: Flat fee subject to a minimum
  • Personal Spending plans and Evaluations
  • Income Tax Projections and Reduction Strategies
  • Insurance Policy and Proper Coverage Evaluation for all Insurance Plans
  • Review Existing Estate Planning Documents
  • Projections and Strategies for the Funding of Higher Education Cost for Children and Grandchildren
  • Portfolio Income Distribution Plans
  • Retirement Income Projection, Forecast and Funding Strategies
  • Investment Portfolio Design and Maintenance Policy Statement
  • Routine Updates

Investment Planning

  • Cost: Percent of portfolio subject to a minimum
  • Investor Risk Assessment
  • Portfolio Performance and Risk Backtesting
  • Investment Holdings Cost Evaluation
  • Custom Portfolio Design
  • Target Investment Portfolio (TIPs)
  • Portfolio Monitoring