Stage One – Accumulators

Who We Serve

Stage One – Accumulators

Common Demographics:

Ages 49 and younger

Income $150,000 +

Key factor:  Committed savers (typically 20% or more of income)

An Accumulators’ Personal Philosophy:

If you are part of this group mostly likely you are conscientious, proactive, goal driven and career orientated. You value your “personal” time and want to enhance your “quality of life”, which drives most of your financial decision making. The challenge of juggling work demands, while nurturing family and other relationships, leaves little time for you to focus on your personal finances. In most cases, you have not yet accumulated large sums of wealth. Your earnings are above average. You are influential and have established a comfortable lifestyle.  However, you do not know where all the money you earned has gone, and now realize that you need to get more serious about your personal finances. You feel you can save more and want to become more focused on being a better steward of your money.

You may be facing the combined responsibility of saving for your retirement, while saving for future college costs (if applicable). The challenge of accomplishing both simultaneously can be intimidating.  Even though retirement is a ways off, you know you need to start planning as early as possible. You have set your sights on early retirement; prior to age 65. You are not willing to risk the opportunity to secure an early retirement by making investment and financial mistakes that could force you to work beyond normal retirement age. Your objective is to continually increase your personal financial security. As a young professional, you are not a “do-it-yourself” financial planner; you prefer to delegate these responsibilities. You do not have the time or the knowledge to create (or re-invent) for yourself all the proper and effective plans necessary to secure your financial future.  You value the services of professional advisors and seek to establish a long term professional relationship with a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®).

Our Viewpoint:

Accumulators are too often ignored by the financial planning and wealth management community since they have not yet accumulated a sizable investment portfolio. Commission-focused advisors often take advantage of this group by simply selling products that may not be beneficial to beginning investors over the long-term.

It is the proper financial fundamentals, introduced early-on, that will make the difference over the long-term. At Vermillion Financial Advisors, we strive to be of service to the members of this group who are committed savers (typically 20% or more of income), who recognize the value of an objective advisor, have a willingness to follow professional advice, and possess the follow-through skills to implement the timely recommendations that are required for a long-term professional and productive relationship.

Vermillion Financial Advisors, Inc. has worked with this group for more than 25 years and successfully brought many Accumulators through their career years into retirement. We believe this group is our future, and our goal is to teach effective finance skills through personal sessions with one of our Certified Financial Planners® (CFPs®). Over time, we often find that advisors become more than the providers of positive financial mentoring. An advisor often becomes a client’s personal advocate and friend, as well as a professional who will stand up for you when needed, and who will continually work to protect you from potential financial predators.

Accumulators’ Common Financial Issues and Concerns:

  • Have little time to address complex financial planning issues
  • Do not know where a large portion of your earnings has gone, and feel the need to save more
  • Want to be able to provide for your children’s education
  • Have the goal to achieve early retirement
  • Wish to avoid making financial and investment mistakes
  • Wish to maximize your employer retirement saving plans, and to invest responsibly
  • Desire to increase your personal financial security though adequate insurance coverage and proper planning
  • Have the potential for sudden wealth via inheritance
  • Need to document your wishes should an untimely death or disability occur
  • Do not have the time or expertise to properly plan for your personal finances and wealth management, and you do not wish to become a “do-it-yourself” financial planner
  • Would like to learn about additional opportunities to save on taxes

Vermillion Financial Advisors’ Services Best Utilized:


Financial Inventory

  • Cost: Flat fee subject to a minimum
  • Inventory of all personal financial information into a comprehensive financial snapshot illustrating current exposures and planning opportunities.

Financial Planning

  • Cost: Flat fee subject to a minimum
  • Life Insurance and Disability Income needs Analysis, Education and Review
  • Consultation and Preliminary Design of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Trusts
  • Household Spending and Saving Plan Review and Design
  • Projections and Strategies for the Funding of Higher Education Cost for Children and Grandchildren
  • Income tax reduction strategies
  • Retirement Income Projection, Forecast and Funding Strategies

Investment Planning

  • Cost: Percent of portfolio subject to a minimum
  • Investor Risk Assessment
  • Target Investment Portfolio (TIPs)
  • Start saving program