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Corporate Philosophy

In order to provide a quality service, Vermillion Financial Advisors, Inc. (VFA) starts with the objective to enter into a long-term relationship with every client. In order for a client to desire a long-term relationship, the client must know that VFA and its employees truly care not only about providing financial recommendations, but about them as people.

Every VFA employee must uphold the following commitments of client service:

  • VFA clients will always be treated as the most important people in our office whether they are visiting in person, by mail or phone.
  • VFA clients are not dependant upon us; rather we are dependent upon them.
  • VFA clients are not interruption of our work…they are the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favor handling their inquiries..they are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to earn their business.
  • VFA clients are not to be argued with or matched wits with. No one ever wins an argument with a client.
  • VFA clients rely on us to help them prosper. It is our job to do so profitably.

Furthermore, we take a risk most financial planning firms are not willing to take – WE EDUCATE OUR CLIENTS. We believe that if we educate our clients, they will understand the reason behind our recommendations. This helps to eliminate the skepticism that comes with doing something new and/or different.

Then, a thorough analysis of a client’s present financial position, as well as past financial experiences and philosophies are discussed and documented. This enables us to make sound financial recommendations based on the client’s proven concerns, not their projected concerns, which makes all the difference in providing sound financial advice.

Finally, it is essential that we continue to provide a quality service. Quality service is provided only when there is objectivity. Therefore, we will never lessen the quality of our service to make it more affordable. On this stand, we do risk losing clients now and then, but we will never provide less than the best service possible!